Totally Hairifying!

Totally Hairifying!


Ugh, *#$#$%$% dog hair! 

In my world dog hair is just a fact of life. I allow our dogs on the furniture (personal choice) when I invite them.  But for many owners, a dog on the couch is unacceptable.


Here are a few tips to keep your couch hair free:


  • Make the floor a better place to be: If you are used to sitting on the floor, get a comfy cushion and sit on the floor with your dog.


  • Lots of toys & positive attention: Try a treat ball! They can’t roll those about on the furniture.


  • Barrier gates: Prevent access to a room — unless your dog is supervised.


  • Teach and reinforce the “off” command: Don’t confuse commands “off” with “down.” Be consistent; ‘off’ means four paws on the ground versus ‘down’ means belly on the ground.


  • Teach your dog to sit only in a specific spot: Like on a specific blanket placed on the couch. May take time to teach – but it is doable.


Remember consistency is the name of the game — everyone in the household needs to participate following the same rules of the dog staying off the furniture, so your dog is getting the same reinforcement from everyone.